HTML Quick Reference

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A brief Explanation of common tags you may want to use

<B> - Bold text, requires an end tag </B>

<I> - Italics, requires an end tag </I>

<U> - Underlined text, requires an end tag </U>

<CENTER> - Centers text on the page, requires an end center </CENTER>

<P> - A paragraph, skips a line. (no end P required)

<BR> - This is a line break, use it when you want to stop a line at a certain place.

<H1> - Header, requires an end tag </H1> Headers are numbered 1 to 6, #1 being the largest.

Header #1

Header #2

Header #3

Header #4

Header #5
Header #6

Anchors (clickable text)

All Anchors begin with the <A . . . the most common is <A HREF=" . . ."> This is used to access another page somewhere on the net. It could be another of your pages on your server, or half way around the world. Using hypertext anchors is easy. Just type in the 'http://' address between the quotes in the anchor tag, and type a description of the 'link' after the tag, then end the 'link' with </A> end anchor tag.

<A HREF="address_to_page"> - Anchor tag, requires an end tag </A>

<A HREF="http://www.address_to_page">Clickable text here</A>

<A HREF="">Visit my Home Page</A>


The most common used tag for images is: <IMG SRC=". . .">
In this system, the images in our image library are called by:
<IMG SRC="">

You can also use a web address in an image tag:
<IMG SRC="">


<UL> - this is an unordered list (requires an end tag </UL>)

<LI> - this is a list item, will show a bullet next to the item



<OL> - this is an Ordered list (requires an end tag </OL>)

<LI> - this is a list item, will show a number next to the item


  1. <LI>List item number one
  2. <LI>List item number two

Horizontal Rule

<HR> - No end tag required