Image Help

If you recieve a message that your Image Can Not Be Found, most likely there is an error in the image name that was entered into the form. Double check the image name.

The other possibility is that the file has not been uploaded to your site. You can view the images in your folder when you login to the site builder, or you can click on the advanced editor to view all the files in your folder.

Image Library Help

When you are building your page and want to use an image from our library, click on the link on the form for the Image Library. For templates that have more than one image, use the appropriate link below each image to place the image name in the form field. Note: For automatic placement of the image name in the form field, your browser must be javascript enabled. Most newer browsers are capable of using javascript. If you have problems with this feature, we recommend downloading the latest version of your favorite browser.

We recommend using the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser for this function.
Download the latest Netscape Navigator or Communicator.

Netscape can be downloaded at: Netscape's Site

Internet Explorer can be downloaded at: Microsoft's Site