Add Color to Your Page

Adding color to your page is as simple as 1-2-3

Just follow the simple instructions below.

The <FONT COLOR="#FF0000"> tag is what is used to add color to a word or words on your page. An ending tag is required to stop the color at the proper place - </FONT>

Colors are in hex-a-decimal format. A color picker is available below to assist in picking your colors.

<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">Is Red</FONT>
<FONT COLOR="#00FF00">Is Green</FONT>
<FONT COLOR="#0000FF">Is Blue</FONT>

In order to use multipul colors on your page, you will need a "color picker". This is a program that you use to find the color you want. A Freeware version of HTMCOLOR is available Here for you to use. Just download the program and un-zip it into any directory you choose. There is no install program, just double click on the "htmcolor.exe" and the color window will come up. Then choose the color you want. When you click "ok" the program copies the color to the clipboard. Then just paste the code on your page in the proper place.