Heart Of Tennessee Computer Communications

Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129

Murfreesboro: (615) 895-7737 / Nashville: (615) 781-6075 FAX: (615) 890-7084

56K Dialup Ports Now Open for Testing:

Local to Nashville, Call: 760-2419

You will need to setup your terminal window after dialing in your Dialup Networking. Log on using your username and password, then continue to connect with a PPP connection. This is a temporary fix to get you online now.

Please do not call with 56K Connection reports or problems at this time. We are experiencing problems with our Radius server and will post access for full time use as soon as we have these logon details fixed. You may send email to post your connection speeds and modem types (V.90) to: support@heartoftn.net

Thank You For Your Patience and Support.

December 29, 1998

Place Counters on your Web Pages! Check here to see how easy it is.


Change both Receiving and Sending Server names (SMTP and POP3) from heartoftn.net to mail.heartoftn.net.

These changes are made in Internet Explorer Mail by starting your mail program, selecting MAIL from the menu bar. Choose OPTIONS at the bottom of the pop up list.  From the OPTIONS selection choose SERVERS.  Change the server names and click OK.  This change should fix those mail lock problems and allow us the option to block Junk Mailers by name.


Many users are still using our old Domain Name (hotcc.com) in their mail address. This should be changed to heartoftn.net prior to February, 1998. Your username@heartoftn.net = your Email Address. You will still receive mail addressed to the old domain as well as to the new until February, 1998. After that date you must use the new domain name only.


Personal accounts now have up to 3 Email addresses (primary plus 2 additional).

Business accounts now have up to 5 Email addresses. (primary plus 4 additional).


Our Primary Domain Name Servers changed this past spring. The addresses you have now should work fine; however, we will change our secondary name server. Listed below are the new DNS numbers:



These changes are made in the DIALUP Networking Properties, TCP/IP settings.


We changed our News Server Names and added a larger News Server. If your News Server (NNTP) is named news.isdn.net, it should be changed to news.heartoftn.net. The secondary new server is news2.heartoftn.net. This one is faster but it does not have as many files as news.heartoftn.net.


We have compiled the new browser from Microsoft (IE 4.0) only to find  we cannot make it available for download just yet.  We will make it available on CDs for $10 plus $.83 tax, price includes shipping.  The CD will have the latest version  of Internet Explorer 4.0 and 3.02a for Windows 95, NT and 3.1.We will also place some of the best internet programs, such as, Chat, FTP, ZIP, and more on the CDs.  The full version of IE version 4.0 is over 28 megs and would take some time to download.  The CD should be a tremendous time saver. We will notify you when the CD is ready for shipping.


We have plans to offer you more for less with networking on the Internet, Game Server, Web  page designing and more.

Contact Numbers:

   (615) 895-7737  VOICE Murfreesboro

   (615) 781-6075  VOICE Nashville  Ext. 777

   (615) 890-8715   DATA Murfreesboro

   (615) 781-4957   DATA Nashville

   (615) 890-7084   FAX

   (800) 497-3041   TOLL FREE

   Modems are minimum 28,800 baud. (Additional 33.6 modems available)  56K Modems and dialup ISDN have not been determined at this time.

Heart Of Tennessee Network

   Personal Web Page Access: http://www.heartoftn.net/users/username

   Personal FTP Access: ftp://heartoftn.net/home/username

   Server assigned IP address:

   (URL) SERVER:  http://www.heartoftn.net

   SMTP SERVER:  mail.heartoftn.net

   POP3 SERVER:  mail.heartoftn.net

   NNTP #1 SERVER:  news.heartoftn.net  (Primary News Server)

   NNTP #2 SERVER:  news2.heartoftn.net  (Secondary News Server)



        Thank you for your support!

Suggestions or comments E-mail support@heartoftn.net