General E-Mail Spam Settings

You may also click on the E-Mail Manager Button on our home page.
2.) Login using your email address as the account or username.


3.) Click on the SPAM Button on the left.


4.) Select the "Hold when rating is: 10+ Definitely spam".
We recommend the 10+ setting but you can play with this setting to find
what best works for you.
5.) Click on the SAVE Button and then exit the page. You are finished!
How does it work?
Email that comes into our server addressed to you will first be scanned to see if any part of the
message matches our spam filters. If there is
a match, it will then be held in the Spam Message
box for two weeks
before it is deleted automatically.
How to view and manage your spam messages:
Follow the steps above and when you get to this page, just click on the
MESSAGES Button. You will then be able to Release, Allow or Delete the
* Release will deliver the message to your mail box.
* Allow will deliver the message and all others from the same person, then add them as a friend.
* Delete will delete the message..

There are many other settings provided in the E-Mail Manager that may
be used to manage your email and stop spam.
The above settings are our suggestions that should stop most of the
Spam and Junk mail you are currently receiving.

The Friends List with Request confirmation from unknown senders. set will
also aid in stopping spam from automated spam systems.

If you are a member of a list server, you may wish to add them to
your EXCEPTIONS list so they will not be blocked by the spam checker.

If a Spam message does get through, after making the selections above,
then Forward the message as an attachment to and
it will be added to our Spam Message check list.
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