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Our new Email Server
software now offers
user controls on email.

Set Kid Safe Email
SPAM Settings Change Passwords
Create Exceptions list
Auto Response
Set Forwarding
and many more options
Just Click
Email Management

Are you losing your Internet connection after checking your E-Mail or after using your Email to login?
Check your Outlook Express settings.
Tools> Options> Connection> Hang up after sending/receiving (uncheck).

We have no popup windows for advertising on our website.

If you are seeing popup ads, there may be a "spyware" program running on your computer. Spyware programs monitor the Web sites you visit and report this information through your internet connection to the spyware company. Popup ads are then sent to your computer based on the type of site you are visiting. For example, sports gambling ads are displayed when you visit a sports Web site.

Spyware programs are usually activated when certain freeware, shareware, or browser plugin programs are downloaded and installed onto your computer. The most popular of these are Weather and Clock update programs.

Heart Of Tennessee Network receives Awards

Over 21 years serving Middle Tennessee with Computer Communications

Thank you for your continued support.