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Allows the first time user to create Web Pages as easy as answering a few questions. Anyone can create Web Pages with little to NO knowledge of HTML editing or any other cryptic commands. Try it! It's EASY HTML!


We have added a new News Server to help with Server Downtime. The Primary News Server name is: The Secondary News Server is:
The new server should give you many more Newsgroups to select from with a larger storage base.
NEW WINDOWS Internet Explorer 4.0 is due out in October. Versions 3.02 for Windows 95 and 3.x will be favorites for a long time. Iternet Explorer 4.0 will be a BIG change and may not be desirable for everyone at this time.
Complete program in one download.
Download Windows Explorer v3.02a for Windows 95
Download Windows Explorer v3.01a for Windows 3.x


Primary DNS to: and the secondary DNS to:
This will solve the problems with DNS server availability. If you need help in changing your DNS (Domain Name Server) addresses, please call 895-7737 for on-line assistance.
The Windows Internet Explorer downloaded from our FTP files area, after 11/27/96, are current with the correct DNS. Trumpet users will only need the primary DNS.

The New Windows Internet Explorer is available in our FTP files area. It includes the latest version updates and is configured for top performance with the Heart Of Tennessee Internet connection.

Our new server requires changes to logins. The old server asked for "login:" then the username was sent, then it asked for "word:" and the password was sent. Login was complete and you waited for the prompt "hot:~$" or any part of this and sent the "p pp" command to start your PPP connection. PPP is now automatic. A script file should wait for "login:", then sent your username, wait for "word:", then send your password (All without the quotes). A PAP login requires no script.

If you are using Chameleon Sampler, then you need to edit your script file "C:\NETMANAG\SLIP.INI" Script = login: $u$r word: $p$r and remove the COMMAND ppp in the Setup Login.

If you are using Trumpet, version 2.0, sent to you as HOT Install; then you will need to edit your login script; "login.cmd". You should be able to locate it as C:\NETSCAPE\LOGIN.CMD. Edit this file with notepad and place a "#" (Pound Sign) to co mment out two lines or remove them. The lines to edit are about 25 lines from the bottom of the script. Remove or comment out the lines "output $pppcmd\13" and "input 30 $prompt".

If you are running Trumpet version 2.1, then you will need to comment out or remove the lines; "output $pppcmd\13" and "input %prompttimeout $prompt". This should solve your login problems with Trumpet and Netscape.

Mac Users: Change Connect Script to Wait "login", Out "username" CR, Wait "word:", Out "password" CR. PAP may also be selected.

Netscape Personal Edition: Edit your Custom .SR script to waitfor "login:", send username, waitfor "word:" send "password"

Windows 95 users only need to remove their script files by deleting the filename and path from their Dial Up Scripting tool. Manual login users should turn off Terminal Window after dialing. The Dial Up icon for Heart Of Tennessee will pass the username and password from CONNECT screen. This allows Windows 95 to use the P AP control for auto logins. DNS errors may be caused by the TCP/IP protocol loaded more than once, not at all or the Registry may need to be reset. Select Tips & Tricks to reset your REGISTRY.

If you need additional help, please call 895-7737.

Thank you for your patience. We believe these changes will make your Internet connections faster and more reliable.

The NEW PowerRack is the first Internet remote access communications server with serial port bit rates to 921.6Kbps. Our New Hayes Optima 288R modems support port speeds to 230,000 baud.

Our New Linux Server is online now and offers our user's cgi programming within their home page and directory.

We are adding a new Windows NT Server to our system which will allow Windows 95 users to mount gigs of files and drives to their own system. With the addition of WINS (Windows Information Name Server), users can extend their network across the Internet mounting drives and printing at remote locations.

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Unable to negotiate a compatible set of protocols!

We are getting good connections with most generic brand Modems. However from time to time certain modems will connect to modems of their own brand or connect at higher speeds to certain brand modems. US Robotics Modems (28.8) have been the worst to make reliable connections here. I've seen this error message usually only with US Robotics modem. Putting in the string ATS54.5=1 works on Sportsters 28.8. and sometimes it doesn't work.

Here is a current list of Phone numbers and the brand modems on line. 781-4957 Forwards to the top of the 33.6 Modems in the Ring Down and begins with 895-5220.

The Ring Down Starts Here:

890-8715 Hayes Optima 288R

904-0865 Hayes Optima 288

904-8921 Practical Peripherals PM288MT II

890-6290 ZOOM V.34 28.8

895-6763 ZOOM V-Fast 28.8

895-5220 ZOOM 33.6

904-2274 Supra Express 33.6

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TIPS & TRICKS with Bugs!

If you are running Windows 95 Dial Up Networking and a copy of our old script that looks like: delay 2, waitfor "$", you need to remove the delay 2. This was an error on our part. It would create problems logging on that looked like disconnects. Sorry ! We would like to recommend using PAP (Password Authenticated Protocol). Just remove the Script and Dialup Scripting tools.

Trumpet Dialer's settings will not allow you to connect to all sites, then try: FILE, SETUP then set: mtu=1500, rwin=2048, mms=512

Speed up your WEB PAGES!! Netscape will check it's HD cache for the web page before downloading. If there has been a change or it is a new page then Netscape will download the new page. Many times this is not the case, because of advertising on the pages always changing. Downloading WEB Pages and their graphics take a lot of time. TRY selecting Netscape's OPTIONS, NETWORK PREFERENCES and set Verify Documents to NEVER.. If you want to update the page, CLICK on RELOAD!! Now watch your browser fly! Be sure to CLICK on RELOAD for HOT NEWS to get the latest in Internet information.

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HOT COM and Microsoft has made Internet Explorer v3.01 available for Windows 3.1, 3.11 and Windows for Workgroups. It comes complete with a Dialer, Newsgroup Reader, Mail and a great browser built in. It is FREE from HOT COM: .

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Trumpet is a quick and easy to install dial up program for connecting via PPP to the Internet. It is available in our FTP area with a complete set of easy to follow instructions. Add Netscape v2.2, and you have all you need for Browsing, News Reader and Mail. (PC Version only)

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Map files for HTML. A new HOT WEB Page is here. If you are running the latest version of Netscape (2.0 or >) or Windows Internet Explorer, then Mapped graphics (Client Side) are very easy and fast. Mapped graphics are pictures with mouse regions, which when clicked on will jump to a linked file or information. If you are not running v1.0 of Netscape or some other browser, these graphics are mapped through the server. If you are not using Netscape version 2.0, then you may wish to download a new copy from our FTP area.

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Creating HOME PAGES is easy for programmers and not so difficult for the average Internet User. Take a look at our HTML Editing area for tips and tricks. Download a sample HOME Page to get you started. If you would like to register your E-Mail address and Home Page with WHO's WHO ON HOT, just leave a message to: will access your home page if the name is welcome.html. To upload your web pages, send them to: Username is your login name.

Netscape Navigator Gold adds HTML Editing and Uploading of Home Pages.

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Effective July 1, 1996, we will begin transmitting payment receipts and service renewal reminders to our users by E-MAIL. This will not only result in cost savings but saves TREES.

AUTO RENEWAL: Don't take a chance on losing your E-Mail or Home Page because your account expired. Call now and make your account Auto Renewing via your credit card.

The Tennessee Department of Revenue made a ruling in March 1996 that sales tax must be collected on Internet Service and Bulletin Board Systems within the State of Tennessee.

SERVICE EXPIRATION: Unsure of your next expiration date, simply check your last paid invoice receipt.

Internet Prices and Fees for Heart of Tennessee Computer Communications.

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