FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method that allows you to move,
copy or delete files on your web page or folders on a file server.

We have removed our old FTP option because of it's limitations.

Here is the HOW TO on transferring files to your file server.

You may use any popular FTP Program or simply use
Internet Explorer, Type ftp://heartoftn.net/ on your address bar.
Click GO or hitting the ENTER key will display the window below:

If your Web page or File area exists, and your login name and
password are correct, Then click on Log On,
you should be presented with a window like this one.

You can Drag and Drop files from here to other folders on you computer,
cut, copy, paste or edit from within Internet Explorer's FTP option.

If you are not able to access this area or you are experiencing errors,
Send a message to webmaster@heartoftn.net with your account name
and the problem. We will check your account settings and email you
when we have the problem resolved.

Goto the Web Counters Page.See how easy it is to add a 
page counter. Select, 
copy and paste your counter from the many styles and colors of clocks and 

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