E-Mail Friends Settings

1.) Click here to start: https://mail.heartoftn.net:7443/cgi/user.cgi
You may also click on the E-Mail Manager Button on our home page.

Login using your email address as the account or username.

3.) Click on the FRIENDS Button on the left.

4.) Select the Request confirmation from unknown senders.

5.) Click on the SAVE Button and then exit the page. You are finished!

If you wish to add a friend now, just click the FRIENDS Button
on this page, then click add and follow the prompts.


Users added to your Friends list will pass without a confirmation letter.


How does it work? Email that comes into our server addressed to you will first
be scanned to see if they are listed in your Exceptions List. If there is no match,
it will then check the message against your Friends List. If they are not in your
Friends List, then they are sent a letter for confirmation and the message is
stored in your Pending List. Once they send a reply to your letter of confirmation,
it is released to your mailbox. If they do not reply to the letter, the message will
be automatically deleted from the Pending List when it is two weeks old.

Almost all spam is sent by automated means or robots. They cannot respond to your
confirmation letter. In most cases they do not have a real email address. If this
is the case, you may receive Mail Deliver notices because the mail cannot be
delivered to a false or spoofed addresses. Just ignore it or delete them from your
list. You can also set Mail Delivery as a FROM address and vanish it with a entry in
your Exceptions List.

How to view and manage pending messages:
Follow the steps above and when you get to this page, just click on the
PENDING Button. You will then be able to Release, Allow or Delete the message.
* Release will deliver the specific message to you.
* Delete will delete the message.
* Allow will deliver the specific message and add to your list of Friends.

There are many other settings provided in the E-Mail Manager that may
be used to manage your email and stop spam.
The above settings are our suggestions that should stop all spam and allow full
control over who may send you messages.

If you are a member of a list server, you may wish to add their domain name to your
EXCEPTIONS list so they will not be blocked by your Friends List.

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