Email Hoax

Several of our customers have reported receiving emails that identify themselves as being from
Heart OF Tennessee Network and in fact are not. If you receive any email asking for information such as those listed below, delete it!
Replying to or Clicking on any links in these messages may result in your computer being infected with a virus.
The emails themselves do not contain a virus. However, if you click the link or attachments you could receive a virus from the web site listed in the link or attachment.

The sample emails below are included to help you identify these emails:
From: Yvette
To: username
Subject: Virus Alert From Heart Of Tennessee Network Virus Report Center

Virus Alert
From: Heart Of Tennessee Network Internet Virus Department

We have detected a possible computer virus on your computer, You must open the details of the report within 24 hours our we will be forced to shut down your internet service.

Please Click Below Then Press "open" To View The Report If you do not open this report in 24 hours we will suspend your internet service If nothing appears on your virus report, please disregard this message
Click Here Now

From: Basilia
To: username
Subject: Billing Notice From Heart Of Tennessee Network Accounting Dept

***  Heart Of Tennessee Network accounting dept notice ***
Internet Billing Notice
Please press "open" and read the attached Billing Notice.

Note if you do not read this within 24 hours we at Heart Of Tennessee Network regret we will have to terminate internet service.

From: administration@Heart Of Tennessee Network
To: username@Heart Of Tennessee Network
Subject: Important notify about your e-mail account.

Dear user of "Heart Of Tennessee Network" mailing system,

Your e-mail account has been temporary disabled because of unauthorized access.

Further details can be obtained from attached file.

The Heart Of Tennessee Network team

A good Rule-of-Thumb, is never send your credit card or debit card number in a E-Mail message and Never give your Pin number to anyone for any reason.

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