See how Email works:

    Email from somewhere in the world comes into our Main Mail server.
                | - (a copy goes to our backup mail server) -
Open Relay Blocking - (If it matches a known open site) - Reject it.
Spam Servers List - (If it matches a known spam site) - Reject it.
Filter Checks - (If it matches any name or site in our filter list) - Reject it.
Ban Check List - (If it matches our check list) - Reject it.
@ Friends List - (If it does not match then Send a Confirmation Message and send to Pending ListHold it.
@ Spam Level - (If it is equal or greater than your spam level setting then Send to a Messages List) Hold it.
@ Exceptions List - (If it does not match your settings) - Reject it, Vanish it, Bounce it.
@ Virus Checking - (If a virus is found in your incoming message) - Reject it.
Your Mailbox - (If it passes all the above) - Receive it.
Email waits in your Mailbox until you login and retrieve all of it.
If your connection drops or there is an error in downloading your mail, the Mailbox maintains all of your messages until you successfully downloaded all of it.

Open Relay - Is a list we check of systems that are open to allow spammers to use them to send spam.

Spam Server List - A list of Servers know to be spammers, and several other Black List.

Filter Checks - Here we add names not found in any other list but maybe they have caused us a problem.

Ban Check List -
We check the email to see if there is text in the body of the message or not.
We check the email to see if the from email address really exists.
We check the email to see if the from email domain server really exists.

@ = User Options, these are by-passed if they are not changed from their default settings.
There are many options you can choose in your Email Manager.
These listed here are the typical settings to aid in eliminating Spam!

Friends List:

Spam: Our spam program checks the message and gives it a rating as to how likely it may be spam.
You can make several selections to help control spam. These are our recommended settings.

Hold when rating is


Bounce when rating is


Vanish when rating is

(not recommended)


ID Sel Action Header Contains Destination*
0 vanish From Mail Delivery  
1 vanish Subject Delivery Failure  

Here you can add full domain names with wildcards like: * or *


How do I set it all up?

Goto the Web Counters Page.See how easy it is to add a
page counter. Select, copy and paste your counter from the many styles and
colors of clocks and counters.

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