Did You Know is a page to make you aware of
many Internet Options you have as a Member of
Heart Of Tennessee Network


  1. News Groups.
    News Groups can be accessed with your Outlook Express.
    Just click on Tools and then Accounts. Click on the News Tab, Then click Add and then News. Just add your name and then your email address when prompted. News Server = news.heartoftn.net Next and Finish.
    If you are not connected through one of our Tennessee ports you can set News Server = news2.heartoftn.net and Check the Box for My News Server requires me to login. Send us a email to ensure your account is setup.

  2. Accelerator.
    Our Accelerator has been reported to be as fast as DSL Light and a lot less expensive.
    You can expect speeds up to 5 times faster than your normal dialup connection.
    For more information just click HERE or select ACCELERATOR from our Home Page.

  3. Alias Name
    An alias is an alternate name for your account name and any email sent to the alias will be delivered to your account. Need a temporary email address? Login to Mail manager and create up to 3 alias names.

  4. Blogs
    A Blog is a simple Web Page that you may update by sending emails to your blog's address. Pictures may also be posted by sending them as an email attachment to your Blog's private address, even from your Cell Phone's camera, straight to the web.
    See how easy it is, select E-Mail Manager or Webmail from our home page and select Blogs after your login.

  5. Chat
    HOT Chat is a chat, discussion, and instant messaging, which will allow you to send encrypted instant messages, have private conversations, and create and participate in private or public chat rooms and discussions. Users communicate with the chat server using a web browser, or a client for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP.
    Users can communicate with ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and AIM (AOL) users, send instant messages to groups of users, receive email copies of their instant messages or new discussion group articles, and they can send and receive instant messaging from email addresses and mobile phones.
    Discussion groups/forums can optionally be linked to external usenet (NNTP) groups and/or made available to NNTP clients.

  6. Speed Test
    Our speed test program will give you a good indication of your access to the internet. It may also help you solve connection issues or find the real throughput of data to your system.

  7. SurgePlus
    Using your email quota you can share files by uploading them and then giving others access to the links. Use this to:
    (a) Make your digital photos available on the web. (Great for e-bay Postings)
    (b) Create web pages without having a web site.
    (c) Make files available to other users.
    (d) Have the contents of a particular folder on your computer automatically synchronized and available on any computer you use. This option is only available when using the Windows client download.

  8. SurgePlus Calendar
    This is a great planning tool. Set reminder messages for appointments and work deadlines. Since SurgePlus Calendar automatically stores information on your email server, you can access your schedule from any computer you use. Optionally share your entire calendar or just particular events with other users.

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