V.92 is the latest in modem technology!

Get rid of your second phone line:
If you have Call Waiting, your V.92 modem with its 'Modem On Hold' software can let you know you have a call. You will be able to put your modem 'on-hold', up to 4 minutes and answer your phone without losing your Internet connection!* If you have Caller ID, your Modem-On-Hold software will let you know who is calling!

Get online faster:
Your V.92 modem learns and remembers how you most often connect to the Internet. This shortens the time it takes for your modem to connect by remembering ("training") the phone line characteristics and storing them for later usage. Typically, the modem handshake (all that noise you hear) takes about 20 or 35 seconds. V.92 modems will cut the modem handshake time in half for most calls.

V.44 Compression:
A new link-layer compression standard based on technology developed by Hughes Network Systems. V.44 offers a higher compression ratio than older V.42bis compression routines. Higher compression ratios mean that more data can be downloaded in the same amount of time. The most significant improvement will be noticed when you are browsing and searching the web, since HTML text files are highly compressible. For most users, data throughput will be increased by 20 to 60%.

Check your modem for V.92 compatibility:
If you have an external modem, you will normally see V.92 indicated on the label at the bottom of your modem. If you cannot find this label or if you have an internal modem, you will need to perform the steps below:

Windows 95/98/ME/NT users
Click on the Windows Start button.
Point to Settings and select Control Panel.
Double-click on the Modems icon. A Modem Properties screen will appear. If you have a V.92 modem, you will see V.92.

Windows XP users
Click on the Windows Start button.
Select Control Panel.
Double-click on the Phone and Modem options icon. A Modem Properties screen will appear. If you have a V.92 modem, you will see V.92.
Note: For both internal and external modems, if you see V.90, your modem is not V.92 compatible.

Where can I get a V.92 modem?
V.92 modems are gradually becoming the industry standard, so you should be able to find them wherever modems are sold. If you are purchasing a new computer, it should have a V.92 modem already installed. Most local computer stores have these modems priced from between $15 and $40.

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