www.heartoftn.net Internet and BBS Access Since 1982

10 E-Mail Addresses, Personal Web Pages only $15 per month
 Discounts available
for Tennessee Public School Teachers

Voice (615) 895-7737 / Tool Free (800) 497-3041

Explorer Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer and Programs supported

Heart Of Tennessee Network, LLC
3235 Windsor Green Drive
Murfreesboro, TN   37129








Local Access to over 26 Middle Tennessee Counties

Our Backbone Connections Loop Through ISDN.NET and Include:

AT&T BBN-Planet PSI-Net
MCI-Cable MCI-Worldcom SPRINT
State of Tennessee & all K-12 Schools

These backbone connections bring the total bandwidth capacity from the
Internet to more than 160 meg, which is equivalent to more than 100 T-1's.