Internet Setup Instructions for Windows 98

There are several places to start your Internet Setup, all of them should get you to the same place, the General Screen!

1.    On your desktop you should find an icon called Internet Explorer,
        this is normally a letter "
e" icon.
        Right click on the icon with your RIGHT mouse button.
        Select properties with your left mouse button as normal.

2a    Click once on your Internet explorer Icon on your Task Bar or
2b    Click twice on your
Internet explorer Icon on your Desktop.
        This will start the Internet
explorer and allow you to Click on the
        Tools Selection from the Menu Bar.
If you do not have a Tools
        Selection, then choose the View Selection.
Next, choose Internet
        Options from the bottom of the Pop Up menu.

3.    Click on your START button on your Task Bar. Select Settings
        and then Control Panel. Select Internet Options.

Any one of the above methods should take you to the General Screen, If not, Try one of the others.

On the General Screen, just type and click on the Apply Button in the bottom right corner. (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)

Now select the Connections Tab near the center at the top.

On the Connections Screen you may see a list of connections that were used for older setups. This would be a good time to remove them. Then select the Setup Button near the right.
This will start the setup wizard. (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)

The first Connections Screen should have three selections, select the third option that states "I want to Setup My Internet Connection Manually". (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)
Click Next.

"I connect through a phone line and a modem: should already be selected. (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)
Click Next.

If your modem has already been selected, then the Setup may skip this section.
Choose Modem. (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)
Click Next.

On the Connection Information Screen, Enter the phone number for your Selection List below: If you see a Box with a Check in it, Un-check it or remove it. Do NOT USE AN AREA CODE  (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)

This is a complete list of our dial-up numbers. Keep in mind that the ultimate deciding
 factor in determining if a dial-up number is A local call for you is your local calling plan.
 If you have any questions, please call your local telephone company.
Click on the state you wish to dial in from:

Enter your username.
Your username must end with "", ie:
This should be the same as your primary Email Address. (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)
Enter your password. Everything on this page must be in lowercase (small letters).
Click Next.

Set the connection name to
HOT or any name you wish to represent this dial up connection. (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)
Click Next.

Setup your Internet Mail account now.  Select YES. (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)
Click Next.

Select Create a new Internet mail account. (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)
Click Next.

Display Name:
Enter a name you wish others to see when you send the an email message. It can be your real name, nick name or email address. Upper case and spaces may be used here. (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)
Click Next.

Enter your email address. It should look something like this:
Click Next.

E-mail server names should be entered as a
POP-3 Server:
Incoming and outgoing Servers have the same name.
Enter:  for both of them. (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)
Click Next.

Your Account name should already be in place.
Enter your password. Save Password is optional. (Click_Here_for_a_Picture)

You are done. You have configured your Dialup Networking, Internet Explorer Browser and Outlook Express Mail Program.
Opening either your Internet Explorer or Outlook Express should open your Dialup Networking and allow you to connect to the Heart Of Tennessee Internet. After closing both the Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, the Dialup Networking should disconnect and hang up your phone line.
Click Finish.

Note: Spelling is critical. If in Doubt, always use lowercase letters!
If you encounter any problems, Please call the Heart Of Tennessee Network for additional assistance.

Heart Of Tennessee Network, LLC
 3235 Windsor Green Drive
 Murfreesboro TN 37129
 Phone: (615) 895-7737
 Fax: 890-6555

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